Monday, January 4, 2010


The affair continues .... My lover has told me that 2010 is the year of the MOVE i.e., time to put things in place to be together should be an interesting year to say the least.

Monday, February 16, 2009

An Affair to Remember

Hi there like you I am married the spark is missing for me but not for my hubby. I was bored at home, married with children, running around doing everthing for everyone else and nothing for myself. I joined IE last year, I was curious and for the last 9 months have been having the time of my life with a married man I met on the site. I guess he is my escape and I his. We have a wonderful ability to communicate, we are never short of things to say. Picture this out for dinner with hubby and nothing to say. Out for dinner with my lover and the conversation keeps on flowing and flowing and flowing. I never tire of hearing from him and what he has to say nor does he tire of me. Infact he really does miss when for what ever reason I may not be able to see him or take his call it's unbearable for him and he has been honest enough to admit to this. Another even bigger ability is the ability to excite each other. Great communication, great flirtation, magical kisses and mind blowing sex. Does it get any better? It truely is like being an excited teenager each time we are in each other's company. Neither of us set out to fall in love but that is what's happened, it's a genuine unconditional love, a passionate love, lustful, stimulating, exciting, kind, gentle and supportive love. We have just enjoyed a holiday together. Being able to spend Valentines together was both magical and worth all the effort and lies (I still don't feel great about the lies but they are necessary in order to see each other) of planning our trip. Do I feel guilty now ..... Not even a bit! We are both at the stage now that we are seriously considering ending our marriages not a step either one of us has taken lightly. IS IT SELFISH TO PUT OURSELVES AND OUR OWN HAPPINESS AHEAD OF OTHERS? I love this man and know that he loves me deeply. We are consumed and besotted by each other. I am the first person he speaks to in the morning and the last person he speaks to at night. God Bless modern communication, my mobile has been my link to sanity with him. What does our future hold, time will tell. We both know we want to be together, now we have to put steps in place to do so, I have no doubt that we will have our happy ending sooner rather than later.
Have fun life is too short to let a good thing pass you by.